About Us

Sword Precision Scale Models has years of experience to draw on when deciding which models to manufacture. The company founder, Chuck Sword, has been in the scale model business since 1999 as the owner of DHS Diecast Collectables, Inc. DHS is the recognized industry leader in the distribution of fine quality metal scale models to collectors worldwide. The company is perhaps best known for its popular worldwide website forum for construction & truck model collectors.

Through his experience at DHS, Mr. Sword was in unique position to obtain information about what model collectors were looking for. The scale model business has typically been driven by the original equipment manufacturer (the OEM), not by the scale model collector. The concept at Sword Precision Scale Models is to work with both ends of the spectrum to produce a museum quality scale model that will entirely satisfy the OEM’s marketing needs and also provide an interesting model for the enthusiast collector.

Through Sword Model’s relationship with manufacturers all over the world, the company offers a line of scale models with detail never seen before. The company philosophy is to bring real museum quality scale models to the market within a reasonable price structure. The company produces precision quality models for discriminating customers.